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When you observe any fraudulent activity is going on your surroundings, just consult Warren Benson Law, it has gathered a group of lawyers who are nationally recognized in dealing with qui tam and false claims act cases. This firm has been started over two decades ago and available in the areas of San Diego, Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

This successfully prosecuted Medicare, defense contract and other government contracting fraud cases. Its professional attorney closely worked with government investigators, agencies and prosecutors in federal courts nationwide. They enclose your case details with the highest level of confidentiality. Just look at a glance at their whistles blower lawyer services.

“Our attorneys have served as lead counsel in hundreds of qui tam cases in more than 30 states.”

Whistle Blower Lawyer Services


This cutting edge law firm whistles blower attorney offers services for the below qui tam and false claim act comes under cases.

Medicare and Medicaid Frauds: Receive services for kickbacks, medical billing fraud, medical device fraud, hospital fraud and Part D fraud.

Defens Contract: It also serves for pricing fraud, bill padding and cross-charging for commercial contracts, Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and FAR fraud.

Other Government Contracting Frauds: Its professional whistle blower lawyers take up GSA, Trade Agreements Act and customs duty fraud.

It is recognized as one of two qui tam firm, according to Columbia law review. Consider this Medicare whistle blower recovery case $51 million recovered against 33 research hospitals, which can assess its prosecution.

Its whistle blowers can recover money from individuals and companies defraud with state and local governments. Offering economical solutions for all the qui tam and false claim act cases for the clients as their main goal. Call to this toll free 1-800-844-4406 to discuss more about fraud litigations. To hire, just log on to http://warrenbensonlaw.com/false-claims/

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